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Aalborg Townhall 8th February 2023 

Calling the ecosystem. We will host a townhall in February and you are invited to join.
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What is #AALUP

We are the community for entrepreneurship in Aalborg. A place for talents, startups and established companies to meet and take an active part in creating the entrepreneurial scene of Aalborg for the future.
Our efforts are focused on the talents, startups and companies in the region of Northern Denmark. We are amplifying stories and taking an active part in developing them for the future.


Amazing people. Great Minds and Talents. Committed to grow experiences, knowledge and talents in the region.


Bold entrepreneurs wanting to make a different career path.  Ventures exploring a new and different future.


Established companies with a growth and innovation mindset. Ventures wanting to compete globally.
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International Ambition

Our emphasis is on companies with ambitions for growth outside Denmark. We are here to help build companies with global growth in their minds and plans.
Scaling a company is a skill, scaling it international is next level. We are connecting the talents and bright minds to work together.
Pre-Launch. We are currently building momentum behind the scenes and with the community. If you want to be part of the community and setup, do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can use the contact form below.
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Media Platform Development 

We operate with a dedication to make media and through it raise awareness about the amazing business environment in Northern Denmark. 
We are producing mainly in English, we want the world to know how great we are. And we want the world to be curious about what we are making and the options available here. 
Discover what we are making and doing by visiting the #AALUP on social media. 
We are still in pre-launch mode.

Our Priorities 

1. Community

We want to have a thriving community locally in Aalborg and Northern Denmark. A community where the people matter and a strong sense of belonging. You are never alone with #AALUP.

2. Engagement 

Meet #AALUP at local events, we both host, facilitate and organise. Enabling members to connect across verticals and in various spaces are an important aspect of how we create an ecosystem.

3. Media Creation

We focus on enabling engagement and awareness with smart usage of media. Our approach is to take an active role in developing the media together with the community.

4. Promotion

Let’s promote the entrepreneurial scene in Aalborg and around. We are building up awareness from local news to international media outlets and stakeholders.

The entrepreneurial community in Aalborg

We are currently in Pre-Launch. In the future we will be a lot more visible, for now we are building up the community and connecting with stakeholders. We hope to invite all stakeholder to an assembly before the summer, this will work as the establishing event of the organisation. Until then you can still join and reach out with questions. We are committed to building with the community for the community.
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